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2 years ago

Backup Your Data, Before It Sets You Back in Your Business

Backup Your Data, Before It Sets You Back in Your Business

In the times of such advancement in the world with everything going on automation, making everything with IT integration caused the automated tech environment that we live in. In such an environment when everything is taken over by the automation and advance intelligence the data creation and storing is also accompanied with the tech techniques. Business when start entering their maturity phase need to have their data records all stored and collected at a single accessible platform. This data could be in any form and type since during the course of ongoing business daily work information, documentation, profiles and other records start to accumulate and piling into one of the most valuable and important asset a company owns. This asset needs to be stored and also protected from various errors and attacks that can result in the loss of this valuable asset. For this purpose many companies save it in the automated latest tech gizmos, but still a need of backup is there. This need is in the result of the problem of companies losing their data due to drives struck by viruses or other errors, or may be due to hard disk failures and many other crises. This made companies to lose a major portion of their valuable earned assets, making companies left with nothing.

In order to keep this situation in control a backup system taken from the past i.e. tape technology came up as a savior. One of the famous names in savers is Imation 16598 lto2 backup tape which is designed in a way to have all the data stored up and secured in no time. Imation brings out a super performing tape for the consumers with high capability of 200GB native and 400GB compressed data format. With such a capacious tape specially designed for smaller and medium enterprises to ensure all their data reside secured in the tape. It not only gives you room in storing your data, but also gives you peace of mind in its security and protestation. It is designed to not only protect the data within but also the external built. The snap corner design allows the leader pin to maintain its closed position even in the bumpy and rigorous environments. It is specially designed to be all set and secured up in the built with three piece tape tool that makes sure that the tension is equally distributed across the built of the tape making it more secured for archival data and enhances the performance to the highest level. With security and reliability at hand it makes sure that you have an efficiently paced working tape. It allows you to have your data all transferred across in no time with 40MB/s native and 80MB/s of compressed format, allowing you to have all the benefits in such an amazingly cost effective package that is fully fit for companies. Another most important feature that is, it’s not only cost efficient, but also energy efficient. Which means it gives you maximum data flow without the loss of data or energy; it eliminates the energy loss in the form of heat. It concludes that both the efficiencies support each other, working together to make an efficient working storage tape device. Protection of data with precision and accuracy, speed and security is one of the major issues faced by small and medium sized businesses. Backup tapes provide all these features with extraordinary qualities and features.